Cookies Policy

At the website (the Web Site) we use cookies to facilitate the relationship of visitors with our content and to allow statistical statistics on visitors that we accept.

Information that allows us to use cookies to facilitate the navigation of the Web site, distinguishing other users, proportionating the best experience in the use of the site, and identifying issues to improve our Web site.

What are the cookies?
If cookies are denominated in one of the archives that are used in the browser used by each visitor to our website, the server can record this user’s visit with the opportunity to return the contents of our content. This information is not valid in its identity, it is not staffed, it does not accept the content stored on your PC, but it is allowed to identify our system as used as a determined user that is visiting the web with anteriority, visualized determinations, etc. and allow permission to keep personal preferences and technical information.

In accordance with Directive 2009/136 / EC, developed in our training under the second subparagraph of Article 22 of the LSSI, following the guidelines of the AEPD, the procedures for informing the use made in our website.

To continue, a classification of cookies is made in the function of a series of categories. It is necessary to provide an account that a cookie can be included in more than one category.

Types of cookies follow the entity that the management

Cookies properties: They are located in the user terminal of a user from a team or a manager managed by the editor.
Third-party cookies: These are used to equip the user terminal from a team or home that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that the data is transferred.

Types of cookies include the time of day that the assets are permanently active

Session cookies: A type of cookie design is designed to retrieve and store data on the user access to a web page.
Persistent cookies: There is a type of cookie in which the data stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during the period defined by the cookie manager, and which can be a few minutes later.

Types of cookies are based on finality

  • Technical cookies: Accounts that allow us to navigate a web page, platform or use and use of different options or services that exist in it.
    Cookies for personalization: There are errors that allow the user to access the service with the general characteristics of the general characteristics defined in the operation of a series of criteria in the user terminal.
    Advertising cookies: If they allow the management, the most effective form of the publication, the advertising spaces that, in their case, the editor is included in a web page.
  • Cookies for publicity: There are words that allow management, the most effective form of the issue, the advertising spaces that, in their case, the editor is included in a web page. These cookies provide information on the information provided by users following the observation of their navigation habits, which allow them to develop a specific profile to show publicity to the functioning of the mission.
  • Cookies of analysis: These are the ones responsible for the responsibilities for the measures, monitoring and analysis of the use of the web sites to be established. The information collected should be the type of cookie used in the measurement of the activities of the websites, with the end of the introduction of the functions of the analysis of the usage data that the service users have.

Currently, the speed of the navigators can be configured to prevent the installation of advertising cookies or third parties in their equipment. The user can apply the restrictions on origin, in order to enter the type of cookie, or to eliminate these restrictions, accepting the entry of any type of cookie. If you are interested in adding cookies for advertising or third parties, you can configure your browser to the end.

The acceptance made by the user, clicking on the ACCEPT button shown in the initial information on cookies, implies that it is expressly responsible for its use, encouraging its rights and reversing its consent at any time, in order to seek SIERRAS ANDALUZAS SCA.

To keep the information detailed, all cookies that can be installed from our website. In the operation of its navigation, the configuration of its navigation and the acceptance or re-entry of missions, all or only of its members may be installed.

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It is possible that the Policy of our Web Site Cookies is currently updated, and that we recommend that this policy be revised as it is adopted in our Web Site with the objective of providing such information on how to use cookies.

If you are not willing to have cookies in your browser or prefer to receive an information that allows you to install a cookie, you can configure your navigation options to take this form. The mayor of the navigators allows the management of 3 different forms of cookies:

Cookies are always left over;
The navigator asks us the user to install each cookie;
Cookies are always accepted;

Your navigator must also include the selection option with details of the cookies that can be installed in your order. In particular, the user can normally accept any of the following options:

Search for cookies of determined dominions;
Search for cookies;
Accept cookies as persistent (they are eliminated when the navigator is cleared);
Allow the server to create cookies for a different domain.

To allow, share, block or eliminate cookies installed in your team, you can ensure the configuration of the navigator’s options installed in your computer.

You can find information on how to configure the navigators that are used in the following locations:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Configuration. For more information, you can consult Microsoft’s support or the browser’s help.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Historic -> Personalized Configuration. For more information, you can consult Mozilla’s support or the navigation aid.
  • Chrome: Configuration -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content configuration. For more information, you can consult Google’s support or navigation aid.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Security. For more information, you can consult Apple’s support or the navigation aid.